CRM strategy, planning and implementation

CRM is a core strength of The Stone Consultancy. Knowing who your customers are, what they buy, when they buy it and how much they buy are invaluable pieces of information, which used correctly and innovatively, can help to build your business significantly.

Some of this information sits on your POS systems, but there is often more pertinent information to gather and use intelligently. Some companies shy away from CRM, as they cannot see guaranteed returns on an initial investment, yet those who do invest in CRM and use it wisely will almost always glean huge rewards in terms of customer loyalty and sales.

At The Stone Consultancy, we have developed and instigated CRM schemes for many clients, which have been enormously beneficial to the retailer's bottom line. In many instances, our clients say that these programmes keep the business much steadier through difficult economic times and make the business far more manageable as a result.

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