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Retail Consultancy

Retail consultancy enables retailers to gain an objective view on their business and receive recommendations which they can build on to enhance sales and loyalty...

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Brand Development

Creating a brand is difficult enough, but defining what that brand really means to the customer and creating long-lasting affinity and loyalty is the real challenge...

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Sales Marketing Planning

Within a retail organisation, you will have talented sales and marketing people, but sometimes it helps to get an objective view on your activity and ideas...

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CRM strategy, planning and implementation

CRM is a core strength of The Stone Consultancy. Knowing who your customers are, what they buy , when they buy it and how much they buy are...

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Online strategy development and implementation

The growth of online retailing has been staggering over the past few years and at The Stone Consultancy, we have been at the forefront of...

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When tackling a project, we will always analyse all of your existing research to understand your business and your customer as thoroughly as possible...

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Marketing Audits

It is easy to follow similar strategies and plans over the years to build a business and to remain very successful. Sometimes, however, when you...

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